In a scenario where you are wearing google glass at the casino roulette table, It would be relatively doable to use google glass camera and do some image differentiation to capture the speed of the wheel against the speed of the ball.

This should in turn allow you calculate a prediction on where the ball might end up.   

You could start by making a calculation where you take the total time of the set period and divide it by the wheel speed. Now you have exact number of revolutions that the wheel will travel during the set period. In a case where wheel is traveling at a revolution per two seconds and the total time of say the whole ball spin is 12 seconds then, by dividing the 12 by the 2 we find that the wheel would move exactly 6 revolutions and more importantly that same number would be under a particular pin at both the start and end of the spin.

Factoring in the bounce factor and deceleration (slowing of the wheel) would vary from wheel to wheel so there the “real” math would kick in but Google Glass camera could within 1.5-2.5 seconds have enough information for formula to make decent approximation of the deceleration speed.

Bounce rate would be a bit trickier but there we can employ some simple math as well. For example, 2 sec.(total time of spin) divided by 2 seconds (wheel revolution time)  Plus 0.33 revolutions which would be adding a bounce factor of plus 12 (12 number pockets being .033 of the wheel or 1/3rd of the wheel.   

It would kinda be a gamblers dream – knowing the outcome before it happens.