Volta Demolition

My Friends,

Over the next short while I will be transitioning from my role at TitanFile to a position of an Executive Director at Volta, with a goal of creating a place where entrepreneurship is celebrated and taking over the world is expected.

I was always passionate about startup community and after all the support TitanFile has received, I am now given a chance to give back.

Last 3 years have truly been a great journey and the biggest reward I received was to work alongside, and learn from, some of the most amazing people I have met in my life.

At TitanFile, I have seen the company attract top-tier talent, go on to receive some of the most prestigious innovation awards in North America and win over amazing roster of clients. Best part is that TitanFile is just getting started.

I will remain close to the company and I am really excited about all great things we have planned for Volta!